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Www.Ncsecu.Org – North Carolina Secu’s Official Website

www.ncsecu.org is the website that provides online access to account information for State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) members in North Carolina. The website in addition to the current 248 branches covering all the counties in the state, ensures great convenience by bringing the services of the Credit Union closer to its members’ homes, workplaces and at their fingertips. Member Access and Mobile Access websites allow members of SECU to access their account information from anywhere their computers or smartphones have internet connection.

In order to get services at www.ncsecu.org, you must be a member of SECU. The eligibility for membership of the Credit Union includes being an employee in the State of North Carolina, public school employee, state employment or public school retiree, employee in Social Services, Civil Defense, Health and Mental Health county departments, North Carolina National Guard member, spouse, parent, sibling or child of a current member, or if you share a single economic unit with a current member. You must enroll for Member Access in order to access SECU’s website for log on. The enrollment is done through its own page at https://onlineaccess.ncsecu.org/Enroll.aspx?role=SECU and also allows you to log in into the Mobile Access site.

SECU members login at www.ncsecu.org to access features that allow them to benefit from most of the transactions previously only available at their branches. Whether at home or at work, members of the Credit Union enjoy the convenience of account information availability and help at their fingertips. Viewing account balances, transaction details, monthly statements, cleared checks and end of year documents in form of images online has become a reality. Money can be transferred between accounts, loan advances processed on real-time basis, recurring wire transfers processed with requests for new ones or modifications enabled, funds can be withdrawn and mailed to you, and so on.

Through the website, SECU members can use the BillPay feature to pay their bills online, send money to other SECU members (including members of LGFCU, NCPAFCU or LCCU), set up one-time or recurring payments, manage their payees and see the payment history. The website allows communications directly with SECU through secure messages. Many services are offered through the site including customization and update of ncsecu.org login details (User ID and password), update of security questions and their answers, nicknaming of online accounts, application of accounts and loans, overdraft protection applications, ordering of checks, ordering of gift cards, ordering of deposit slips, requests for checks or copies of statements, requests to stop payments, submission of address changes for accounts, and much more.

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